Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Part 8: "Fashion through the Decades" ~ 1990's

Hooray! Another fantastic decade in fashion is about to begin....

Welcome to the 1990's...

(Photo courtesy of: PDFMagazines)

Wow! The 90's is so not s decade that most wish to remember in the fashion world. There were platform boots, flared jeans and many less than memorable fashion trends.

But, none the less, let's take a trip down memory lane for the heck of it...

(Photo courtesy of: PixGood)

Fun fact, did you know that in 1999 at the turn of the century people wore silver to represent the new millennium. Also, the mini skirt was said to be created by a woman by the name of Mary Quant.

(Photo courtesy of: Retrowaste)

Around the year 1998 you could find spaghetti strapped shirts worn by women and girls of all ages. Add that to the "flared" jeans that became popular in 1997 and it made for a crazy summer outfit.

(Photo courtesy of: Retrowaste)

Men's fashion did not see a lot of changes, except, the introduction of baggy jeans and sketchers high top boots. While dressy clothes were worn for special occasions, everyday men's wear was more laid back.

Last but not least, let's remember the crazy shoes that were made popular in the 1990's.

First and foremost, the high top Sketcher boots that were popular in both boys and girls...

(Photo courtesy of: MissKatV)

And then of course there were the platform shoes that were extremely popular by the women of the time...

(Photo courtesy of: Pinterest "1990's Fashion" Board)

Well, that's that for this post folks. I know it's a bit more short and sweet than the others but I promise next weeks post will be "dressed to the 9's"!!!


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