Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Adventures of Zigzag & Camille: "The New Kid on the Block"

Ever since their hijinks at Camille's birthday party, the Pooh bear gang have been keeping to themselves in Honey Pot Hollow.

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But, today is going to be very exciting for the gang because someone new is moving into the Hollow. His name, Edison the Elephant and he has traveled a very long way in search of a new home.

"Big-P, when is the traveler arriving?"
Ice-P asks

"Soon, I received word from Prince Danger that he is making his way across the Murky Marsh and will be here by nightfall."
Big Pooh bear replies

"Oh, that is good news. I will go tell the others."
Ice-P says as he walks away

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Meanwhile, in the Murky Marsh Prince Danger has just invited Edison into the castle to rest and eat some food.

"Edison, welcome. Please make yourself comfortable."
Prince Danger says

"Thank you your Highness. Your castle is beautiful."
Edison replies

"Yes, yes. It belonged to my uncle Sorcerer Mickey. He was an amazing man."
Danger adds

With that, the two friends sit down an eat, allowing Edison to regain his strength for the rest of the trip. 

A few hours later...

"Your Highness, I thank you for your kindness and the use of your horses."
Edison says

"My pleasure, I have enjoyed the company. Please, have a safe trip and give the Pooh bears my best."
Prince Danger says

Edison heads off towards Honey Pot Hollow ready to settle down in his new home. 

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A little while later Edison finds himself entering Honey Pot Hollow. As instructed he begins his search for Big Poohbear's house.

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Finally, he arrives at Big Poohbear's house...

"Welcome, I'm so happy you arrived safely."
Big-P says as he opens the door

Edison enters...

"Thank you, I'm glad to finally be here."
he replies

They sit down in front of the fire and Big-P serves up some warm hot chocolate with marshmallows. 

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"Oh my gosh! That is amazing!"
Edison says

The warmth from the cup warms his fingers and the fire warms his body. He suddenly feels very tired...

Big Pooh bear shows him to his room and once in bed he falls immediately to sleep. The following morning Edison wakes up fully rested. 

He gets dressed and heads to the kitchen where he is greeted by the entire Pooh bear Gang, Zigzag and Camille.

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"Hello, its so nice to meet you."
Fuzzy-P says

"Yes, yes! We have been waiting for you."
C-Bear adds

"Did you have a good trip?"
Ice-P asks

Overwhelmed by all the excitement, Edison grabs some hot chocolate and sits down on the couch in the living room. Ice Cream Pooh bear and Corduroy Pooh bear go to sit next to him but Big Pooh bear stops them and says...

"You guys, give him a few minutes. He just woke up."

They two bears smile at each other and begin busying themselves with cleaning up the kitchen. 

"How are you doing?"
Camille asks, sitting down

"I'm good. It was a long trip."
Edison replies

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Zigzag and C-Bear walk over to join them.

"Edison, this is Zigzag and Corduroy Pooh bear, C-Bear for short."
Camille says

"So nice to finally meet you."
Zigzag replies

"We are so glad you are here."
C-Bear adds

The four new friends continue to enjoy their hot chocolate and talk. A few hours later Edison is getting tired and suggests to Fuzzy-P that he is ready to go to his new home and sleep.

Fuzzy-P and Big-P escort Edison to the cottage they have set up a few houses down from Ice-P.

Edison walks up to the door and opens it. He enters to find himself standing in an amazing family room with a roaring fire in the fireplace. 

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The living room opens into a fantastic kitchen that is perfect for one little elephant to make a superb meal. Down the hall is a perfect bedroom with a giant bed. Attached to the bedroom is a bathroom that has a huge bathtub and shower. 

Fuzzy-P and Big Pooh bear just stand in the living room watching Edison take it all in. Edison returns to the living room with a huge smile.

"Perfect! It's wonderful!"
Edison says

"We are so happy to hear that."
Big Pooh bear says

"I personally love the huge tub"
Fuzzy-P adds

All three laugh at that. After, the two pooh bears bid Edison goodnight and leave. With everyone gone and finally alone, Edison sits on the couch and reflects on the crazy trip he has taken to get here to Honey Pot Hollow.

However, with all of its ups and downs, Edison arrived safely and could not be happier about his current situation.

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Finally he made a mental note to thank everyone in the morning. He laid down in his awesome new bed and fell fast asleep. Dreaming of the fun new adventures to come.


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