Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Adventures of Zigzag and Camille: "Holiday Hoopla"

Seasons Greetings from the Wild Woods. Our friends throughout the woods are delighting in the first snow fall and the preparations for the up coming Christmas Holiday.

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Today's adventure brings Zigzag and Camille to their good friend Baby Bear's house as they begin their search for the perfect tree. Each year they decide whose house it will be displayed at, this year Piglet is the lucky friend. 


Piglet, Allister, and Dave are out gathering the perfect decorations for the said perfect tree. They decide they need ornaments, candy canes, lights, tinsel and of course a star for the top. 

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Just like every other year, Flat Eeyore is in charge of creating a yummy, delicious meal. 

"Why am I always stuck in the kitchen? I want to go help find the tree this year too."
Flat Eeyore says to himself

Then it dawns on him, as he puts another pie in the oven....

"I'm going to call Baby Bear and ask if I can go."

** ring, ring ring **

Baby Bear answers

"Hi, it's Flat Eeyore. Have you left to find the tree yet?"
Eeyore asks

"No, I'm waiting for Zigzag and Camille. Why?"
Baby Bear asks

"Well, I was hoping I could go with you. I mean, all the pies are baked and I would love to get out for a bit."
Flat Eeyore says

"Sure, we could always use an extra person. Once Zigzag and Camille arrive we will come over."
Baby Bear says

"Great! I will see you then."
Eeyore replies

He hangs up the phone and with great excitement gets ready to go tree hunting with his friends. 

Meanwhile, at Piglet's house, Allister and Dave have come over to go through the decorations. Dave, lover of all things shiny and sparkly, has discovered the Christmas lights.

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Full of joy he begins pulling them out of the box and untangling them.

"Hey Piglet, can you please come help me untangle these?" We need to make sure they all work."
Dave asks

"Sure, just one second."
Piglet replies

At this time, Baby Bear and his group are wandering through the Wild Woods looking for this years Christmas tree....

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"OK guys, it has to be perfect."
Baby Bear says

"It should be nice and green too so it won't wilt and die too quickly."
Camille adds

"Hey Flat Eeyore, what are you cooking for this years meal?"
Zigzag asks

"Well, before we left I finished the pies. Then I was going to make a turkey, potatoes and some yummy warm apple cider."
Eeyore replies

"Amazing as always."
Zigzag says with a smile

"Guys! Guys! I think I found the perfect tree."
Camille shouts

The boys head over to check it out and they all agree that it is perfect. Flat Eeyore and Baby Bear start cutting it down.

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An hour later Baby Bear and the rest arrive at Piglet's house and bring the tree in. The whole group gets it standing and positioned in the corner of the room. 

"Alright everyone, I have to get back to cooking. Baby Bear, thank you for letting me go, it was fun!"
Flat Eeyore says

"You are welcome. It was a big help having you."
Baby Bear replies.

Flat Eeyore waves goodbye and heads out the door, promising to return later with the food. 

A few hours later.....

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Just as promised, Flat Eeyore arrives with a wagon full of delicious food and drinks for all of his great friends. Piglet and the others help him unload it and then they all gather around the table to eat and gossip.

"Eeyore, this is incredible!"
Allister says

"I agree."
Camille adds

"Thank you! I was so hoping you would all enjoy it."
Flat Eeyore replies

"Dave, what have you been working on lately."
Piglet asks

"Well, Zigzag and I have been working on a super cool new sleigh."
Dave says

"Yes! Yes! It's really cool because the rider can control where it goes."
Zigzag adds

Everyone gasps and claps. Dave and Zigzag smile and Dave announces that they actually brought one with them to try. 

After dinner the friends gather in the living room with their apple cider and begin decorating the tree. 

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"Allister, we love these fantastic ornaments you made."
Zigzag and Camille both say

Thanks guys. I helped my grandfather make them when I was younger."
Allister replies

"Piglet, where did you get all of these amazing antique bauble ornaments."
Baby Bear asks

"Mostly thrift stores or yard sales, but my parents had a lot from when they were young."
Piglet says

Baby Bear adds

"All right everyone. Time to light up the tree. Turn out the overhead lights."
Dave announces

The lights go out and Dave flips the switch on the Christmas Tree. It lights up beautifully with colored and clear lights that twinkle like perfect little stars.

With that done all of the friends bundle up and head out into the snow to try out Zigzag and Dave's new sleigh. First up: Camille, Piglet and Baby Bear. 

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Zigzag briefly explains how it works....

"Alright boys, you ready."
Camille asks

"Sure thing, just don't run us into a tree."
Piglet replies

"Ha ha, very funny."
Camille responds

Baby Bear gives the sleigh a big push, jumps on the back and down the hill they go. 

"Woo Hoo!!"
Baby Bear shouts

"This is amazing!"
Piglet yells

"Let's see what this baby can do!"
Camille yells back

With that, she moves the handle to the right and the sleigh curves smoothly around the corner. After a few moments, she moves the handle to the left and again the sail smoothly around the corner. 

Finally, they make it to the bottom of the hill where the others are waiting.

"OMG! That was amazing."
Camille jumps for joy

Piglet adds

"Let's do it again."
Baby Bear says

Next up: Dave and Flat Eeyore. They too have a successful ride and give the new sleigh high praise.

(Collage courtesy of: PicMonkey)

Finally, Allister and Zigzag. Just like the others they have a fantastic ride down the hill and are all smiles once they reach the bottom.

With the day growing dim and the sleigh riding done, the friends go back inside. They gather around the fire...

"That was a super fun day."
Allister says

"Yes, it was."
Dave adds

"Thank you all for helping with the tree and the decorations."
Piglet replies

With that, they refill their apple cider and talk the evening away.


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