Friday, December 12, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.... Fake Shines just as Brightly as Real!!!

Real vs. Fake, that is the age old question when it comes to picking which type of Christmas Tree to go with every year.

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Well, how about a little pro vs con post? At the end you can choose which would work the best for you.

We will start, of course, with the Fake (a.k.a Artificial) Trees

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For some, it is as simple as not wanting to cut down and eventually kill a living thing. Granted it is a tree, but it is still living. 

Others still, believe that having an artificial tree reduces the amount of environmental impact. Given the current economic climate, this is definitely a growing concern for more and more people.

The final Pro, they fake tree never need to be watered and they do not shed pine needles all over the floor. Interesting fact, because of their growing popularity, Artificial tree sales jumped 17.4 million in 2007 alone. 

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However, like anything, there are always just as many nay sayers as there are advocates for a product that does not fit the status quo. 

In the case of Artificial Trees, it is said that many experts believe that they actually have a greater negative environmental impact.

Because they are typically made with metal and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the trees are non-biodegradable. Which, in simple terms, means they never break down and cannot be recycled. 

Also, 85 percent of all artificial trees in the U.S. are imported from China. This is a big red flag for many people and could lead to them deciding to stay with real trees instead. 

And now, like any good "vs" argument, we will discuss the pros and cons of Real Christmas Trees...

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For starters, there are approximately 33 million trees sold in just North America alone each year. Of that amount about 93% are recycles through several different recycling programs. 

This act of "treecycling" is one of the biggest reasons feel that real trees are better than their fake counterparts. Treecycling allows for an already naturally occurring resources to be put back into the environment safely after it's intended use.

Another major pro, the Christmas tree industry employs more that 100,000 people during the holiday season.


There are not many, but the cons that are out there for real Christmas trees are important to mention.

Since Christmas trees are farmed as an agricultural product they are thus subjected to several applications of pesticides, herbicides and other unsafe fertilizers. 

Another con, real Christmas trees depend on where you live. For climates that are not conducive to the growth of coniferous trees, then the current tree in your living room may have had to travel several hundred miles. Because of this, there is significant impact on the environment.

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So, now that we have covered both options what should the final verdict be?

That's completely up to you. Yes, real trees are better on the environment in the long run. But they shed needles everywhere and die after like a week. 

Fake trees are good because you don't have to traipse around in the cold looking for the perfect tree, they are generally prelit, and clean up is easy; just pack it up and put it in it's box. But, they are plastic and generally come from China. 

I can honestly say that I have enjoyed the experience of both types. Living in Utah as a young girl all we had were real trees and they were most excellent, until they died. Now that I am older though, I prefer the fake one's.

That does not change however that the final decision is completely up to you. So, whichever you choose I hope you and your family love it!!! 

(Photo courtesy of: Etsy)

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