Thursday, October 9, 2014

Witches, Monsters, and Ghouls.... Happy Halloween

With the frightful Halloween holiday right around the corner, the witches and ghouls are preparing to play.

Candy will calm them and props will tame them, so let's see what garish delights we can dig up....

Every witch must have a hat so let's begin with a 

and for a great witchy outfit we will wear a 

Now let's move on to the monsters and ghouls with a

But for the smaller monsters you may be interested in things less terrifying

another option could also be.....

Now that we have decked out our witches, monsters and ghouls let's focus on our evil lairs. For the tables we will add

along with a

Now, we must lure some unsuspecting passerby's to our frightful bash. To mark the grave we shall use a

once inside we can entice them to relax with some super scary

So, the scene is set and the costumes are on. Now we can party until the Mummies come home!


Hope it's a safe one!

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