Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"The Missing Marvelous Marble"

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The legend of the Marvelous Marble began log ago when the Wild Woods was first discovered. It is said that a magnificent wizard named Mickey ruled the lands from a castle in the center of the Murky Marsh. 

Mickey loved the game of marbles and could always be found challenging the people in his realm to find and bring him the perfect marble. After years of searching for perfection and not finding anything Wizard Mickey decided that he would create it himself. That was the day the Marvelous Marble came to be.

Years went by and Wizard Mickey reigned supreme at both the game of marbles and over the realm. Until one dark day when the marble went missing. It has been lost ever since.....

Zigzag and Camille were enjoying their time with their friends in the Wild Woods. One day they overheard Milo and Molly talking about the Marvelous Marble. Zigzag was intrigued to learn more. 

(Collage courtesy of: PicMonkey

"Molly, are you talking about that marble that Wizard Mickey made?" Zigzag asks.

"Yep, that's the one. Milo and want to go and find it." Molly replies

" We thought, that if we could we would return it to Wizard Mickey's castle and family in the Murky Marsh." Milo adds. 

Zigzag told Camille about what their friends were talking about and Camille decided that while it sounded fun she wanted to stay in the Wild Woods for now. However, Zigzag decided that he wanted to help Milo and Molly. Based on what was known about the marble Zigzag decided to create a map that would help them on their journey.

Two days later Zigzag, Milo and Molly leave the Wild Woods to begin their adventure to retrieve the missing Marvelous Marble. After weeks of travel the finally find themselves in the Murky Marsh. 

The first sight the see upon reaching the boarder is the castle of Wizard Mickey rising high into the sky. They make their way carefully through the marsh towards the gates of the castle.

As they approach, a voice from high up on the wall calls down....
"Who goes there?"
Zigzag replies......
"We are friends from the Wild Woods."

(Collage courtesy of: PicMonkey)

The gate to the castle opened and the group was greeted by Prince Danger, Wizard Mickey's grandson, and current ruler over the Murky Marsh. In astonishment, Molly is the first to speak

"Your highness, it is an honor to meet you. We came in search of the Marvelous Marble."

"Ah yes, the marble." Prince Danger replies "Travelers have come looking for it for years. None have ever succeeded."

Zigzag respectfully responds to Danger by saying......
"We plan on changing that. We have an idea of where it is."

As they sit around talking about the marvelous marble, Zigzag shows Prince Danger the map that he created suggesting that the marble never actually left the Murky Marsh.

(Collage courtesy of: PicMonkey)

Zigzag's theory is that Wizard Mickey didn't want anyone to have the marble so he hid it in the marsh where no one could find it.

"Then we search the marsh! We will start in the morning." Prince Danger states

The next morning begins their search of the marsh. Hours passed with no luck, until.....

"I found something, I found something" Molly cries out

The boys hurry to where she is and see that she has discovered a large metal box deep below the murky water. They decided to use a rope with a hook to pull the box out.

"That's my grandfather's box. It has our family crest and my grandfather's stamp on the lock." Danger says.

They carry the box back to the castle and carefully remove the lock. Zigzag and his friends step aside and allow Danger to approach. The Prince hesitates for a moment remembering his grandfather, trying to figure out why he would hide the marble.

(Collage courtesy of: PicMonkey)

With happy thoughts to help him through, he opens the box. There it was, resting beautifully upon a bed of blue velvet, the Marvelous Marble. Prince Danger sighs, smiles and says quietly to himself....
"It's safe grandfather. Back home where it belongs."

Danger turns to his new friends and says...

"Thank you! The marble has been missing for years and now it is back where it belongs."

He walks over to Zigzag, Molly, and Milo and hugs each of them as thanks for their help. He requests that they stay the night as his guests. The following morning Prince Danger provides his new friends with horses and wishes them safe travels back to the Wild Woods.

With that Zigzag, Molly and Milo begin the journey home with joy in their hearts, knowing that they helped solve an age old mystery.


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