Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Pesky Poohbear Gang

Within the Wild Woods lies Honeypot Hollow which is home to a gang of Pooh bears known around the woods for causing mischief. 

The gang consists of four members:
The leader is: Big Pooh bear a.k.a "Big Bear"
his right hand man: Ice Cream Pooh bear a.k.a "Ice-P"
and the other two members are: Corduroy Pooh bear a.k.a. "C-Bear"
and Fuzzy Pooh bear a.k.a "Fuzzy-P".

The gang of bears loves playing practical jokes on their fellow Wild Woods inhabitants and today they have their eyes on Zigzag and Camille. Today is Camille's birthday and like any good best friend would do, Zigzag has decided to throw her a party.

"Camille, wake up! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!"
"Thanks Zigzag. How are the party plans going?"
"Excellent, everything is in place."

But little did our two best friends know Big Bear and the gang had other plans for the party...

Earlier in the day Zigzag had set up a  table on the beach by the Glittering Grotto. Big Bear had sent C-Bear and Fuzzy-P to watch Zigzag and report back.

"Sir, the zebra has a table set up with punch and cake." C-Bear reports
" There are also tons of presents and party favors." Fuzzy-P adds.

Big Bear, happy to hear the reports, smiles to himself. He knows exactly how he is going to prank this party.
"Ice-P, gather up all of the slime and water balloons. 
C-Bear you grab the food coloring and Fuzzy-P, you.... well, you will just stand guard."

With everything gathered the Pooh bear Gang heads towards the Glittering Grotto. With Fuzzy-P standing guard the rest of the group sets out to prepare the pranks.

C-Bear and Ice-P start switching out the regular water balloons with the slime filled ones while Big Bear adds the food coloring to the punch bowl so the guests mouths will change color. 
"Brilliant! Now when they place toss the balloon
 they will get drenched in slime!"
Ice-P says

"And their mouths will change color when the drink the punch." Big Bear adds

"Their coming! Their coming!"
Fuzzy-P cries as he runs down the path

"HIDE!!" Big Bear yells to his crew

Zigzag leads a blindfolded Camille down the path to the Grotto to where the party table is set up. 
"Don't try to peak. You will ruin the surprise."
"I won't Zig, I promise."

Zigzag removes the blindfold and Camille gasps with glee......
"Zigzag, it's perfect.I love it!!!"

A few minutes later, all the guests show up and the festivities begin. They start with the pinata and, of course, Camille is the one to finally break it open.

Next, they move on to the balloon toss. The guests break into groups and begin to toss the balloons back and forth to each other. The object of this is to not let the balloon break, because if it does you will get drenched with water.

Camille screams as her second balloon bursts and covers her with disgusting purple slime.

"EWW!!! That's disgusting."
Zigzag yells as his balloon has now doused him with yellow slime.

From the bushes deep in hiding, the Pooh bear Gang snickers at the success of their first prank.

Camille decided that even though everyone is covered in slime the party will still go on. She gathers up her guests and suggests that they all sit down for some punch and cake. With the group gathered at the table Zigzag carries the cake down the table to Camille. 

Before lighting the candles, punch is served. The guests are glad for the refreshments, until....
"Your mouth..... It's bright green."
says one guest as she looks at Camille

Completely distraught that someone would hijack her party Camille crys out....
" THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!! Zigzag, I only know of one group that would do this."

" The Pooh bear Gang."
Zigzag replies.

With that the Pooh bear Gang jumps out of the bushes laughing hysterically and admiring their work. 
"We got you! We got you good."
Ice-P laughs

"Try to beat that."
 C-Bear adds.

and with that they run back towards Honeypot Hollow. With great despair the birthday guests head to their homes to get cleaned up. Zigzag, however, hangs back to console his best friend. He tells her that he will go to Honeypot Hollow and ask Big Bear to apologize for what he and the gang did.

A few hours later Zigzag and Camille find themselves in Honeypot Hollow with the Pooh bear Gang. 
"Why should we apologize?" It was just a carefree prank."
Big Bear says

"WHAT?!? You ruined my birthday party."
Camille shrieks

She begins to cry and Zigzag quickly gives her a hug. Seeing how upset she is Ice-P, C-Bear and Fuzzy-P begin to regret what they did. Each of them in turn goes up to Camille and gives her a hug, apologizing for their part in the hi jinks.

Seeing the rest of his gang stand up for what they did Big Bear stands up and walks over to Zigzag and Camille.
"I'm sorry I ruined your party. It was all meant in good fun."

Hoping it will show as an act of kindness and make up for what he did, Big Bear pulls out his largest pot of honey.
"Here. Happy Birthday!"

Camille pulls away from Zigzag and looks at the honey. In a meek and sad voice she says...
"Thank you. It's a really great present."

With that, she and Zigzag get up and head back to the Wild Woods.


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