Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"Princess Ruby and the stolen Dress"

(Collage courtesy of: PicMonkey)

Welcome to the Wild Woods! Home of two best friends, Zigzag and Camille. While these two may seem like an unlikely pair they have truly created a very special bond by helping their fellow Wild Woods inhabitants. 

The two friends would spend their days frolicking through the fields and visiting with their friends. On one of these carefree days however, they would discover that their help would soon be required.

While strolling towards the glittering grotto for a day of swimming fun Camille hears a cry from the woods....
                    "Come back here with that!!! You have stolen my dress!!!"

and out from the trees a fat red bird flies with a beautiful golden dress dangling from it's beak.
Zigzag and Camille stop and watch as the bird flies off before they run into the woods to see who cried for help.

Hiding behind a tree trying they find themselves in the presence of none other than Princess Ruby of the Enchanted Kingdom just beyond the mountains. Camille creeps forward so as not to startle her.....
                    "Your Highness, whatever is the matter? Why are you hiding behind that tree?"
                    "Well, I just finished enjoying a swim when that bothersome bird stole
                      my dress and flew away," Ruby responds in a sad tone

Camille walks back to Zigzag and tells him what has happened. Zigzag decides that they should help the Princess by going after the bird and retrieving the dress,
                    "But how do we do that Zigzag?" Camille asks with a sigh
                    "Simple" he replies "You can take Princess Ruby back to her castle and I will follow the

With that Camille and Ruby head off through the woods and over the mountains towards the castle while Zigzag heads off to follow the bird.

(Collage courtesy of: PicMonkey)

After an hour of searching Zigzag noticed a tree with a strange decoration....
                    "Hey, that's Ruby's dress!"

Zigzag tries to climb the tree but finds the trunk to be too slippery, so he decides to look for help.

High up in the tree the bothersome bird notices that his prize has gotten tangled in the branches below. He tries and tries but cannot get it loose without damaging it. 

He realizes that he needs help and begins to look around. The bothersome bird spots Zigzag as he too is looking for someone to help. The bird flies down and says,,,,,,
                    "Hey, can you please help me?"
                    "How can I help you?"
                    "The dress I was carrying got stuck in this tree over here."

(Collage courtesy of: PicMonkey)

Zigzag realizes this is the bird that took Princess Ruby's dress. He thinks for a minute then decides that in order to help the Princess, he has to help the thief too.
                    "Okay, I will help, please show me where the dress is stuck."
                    "It's just over here. Thanks for agreeing to help me, I don't know what I would do if you
                    said no."
                    "Well, don't you have any friends who could have helped you?"
                    "My friends all flew south for the winter, I got left behind because I was busy playing."

Sensing that the bothersome bird took the dress just to get noticed, Zigzag thinks he may have a solution for both the Princess and the bird.
   "I know, why don't we work together to get the dress out of the tree. Then we can take it                       back to Princess Ruby and you can apologize."
   "That sounds like a great idea! Do you think she will ever forgive me?" 
   "Yes. I know she will. She is very kind Princess."

Now full of new hope and the thought of having a helper the Zebra and the Bird head back to the tree. They decide that the bird will fly to the higher branches and untangle the top while Zigzag climbs a little way up and untangles the bottom.

As they work the two decide to properly introduce themselves.
   "By the way, my name is Zigzag. The Princess sent me to retrieve her dress."
   "Hello Zigzag. My name is Tomato and I'm so sorry for taking the Princess's dress. I was just trying to have some fun,"

The new friends continue to work at untangling the dress until it finally comes loose. After that they climb and fly back down to the ground.
"Now what?" Tomato asks
"Now, we head to the castle in the Enchanted Kingdom together so you can return the dress and you can apologize to Ruby,"

A little while later they arrive at the castle to find Camille and Princess Ruby sitting in the garden. Zigzag walks up to the girls and says....
"Princess Ruby, I have recovered your dress. I would also like to introduce you to my friend Tomato."
"Hello Tomato, it is very nice to meet you. Did you help Zigzag find my dress?"

Tomato glances at Zigzag and Zigzag nods. Tomato turns to the Princess and Camille and says.....
"Your Highness, I am the one who stole your dress. But, I realized I was wrong and wanted to apologize in person."

Astonished by what she just heard Ruby looks at Tomato and states.......
"Well, thank you for telling me and thank you for returning my dress. Please sit down and join us for afternoon tea."

Zigzag and Tomato join the girls and everyone proceeds to have a fantastic afternoon.


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