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Part 2: "Fashion through the Decades" ~~ 1930's

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Let’s begin with some super fun tidbits of the era before jumping head first into the fantastic fashion of the 30’s. In the beginning of the 1930’s we found ourselves with Herbert Hoover as President followed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1932. We were introduced to swing dancing and the Great Depression was in its worst years.

But let’s get focused on the finer side of this wonderful era. Fashion, while carried over from the 20’s, went through so definite changes. Today we will focus on the handsome hunks and brilliant beauties that graced the covers and catwalks of the time……

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The fashion for women included loose, square styled, drop-waist dresses that had carried over from the 1920’s. However, as the era progressed the dresses became less “boyish”.  Factory made, known today as “ready to wear” became wildly popular.

For the casual lady who stayed at home and visited with neighbors there were the house dresses, which were made of cotton. Some of the more popular of the house dresses was the reversible wrap dress. 

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For the woman who led a busy life during the day they would wear the more fashionable day dress. These dresses were generally made from fabrics that had more flow, for example: silk or rayon. They showed a slimmer silhouette. Some of their features were puff sleeves, belted waists and large 

For evening wear, women choose dresses made of elegant clingy fabric and often paired with a fur wrap. The dresses were fitted at the waist yet flared beautifully once it hit the floor.

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Men’s wear also saw its share of changes during the 30’s. Athletic bodies began to gain popularity and therefore the clothes began to take on the same aspects. The shoulder of suits became wider, waists thinner and the legs of their pants were tapered.

Other popular aspects of men’s wear for the time included more V shaped collars on their overcoats along with wider and more pointed lapels. Overcoats also sported larger pockets than suit jackets.

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Even with the Great Depression in full swing it is good to know that the men and women of the generation did not let it affect their love for dressing to the 9’s.

I really hope you have enjoyed Part 1 and 2 of my "Fashion through the Decades" series. Stay tuned for Part 3 next week! 

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