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Classic Movie Love ~~ "Gone with the Wind"

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Classic movies are amazing. From black and white films to the introduction of color film; movies have filled our hearts with hope, love, fear and desire. None however encompasses those feelings as much as Gone with the Wind and 2014 marks the 75th Anniversary of this wonderful film.

Let's begin with a fun quote from the leading lady herself......

Scarlet: “Great balls of fire. Don’t bother me anymore, and don’t call me sugar.”
                                                ~~ From: Gone With the Wind (1939) 

(Photo courtesy of: The Hollywood Reporter)

The film follows Scarlett O’Hara , the daughter of a Civil War era plantation owner. Right from the beginning Scarlett has to fight for the things that she believes in and loves. In one of the first scenes of the movie it is announced that Scarlett’s love interest, Ashley Wilkes, is to be married to his cousin Melanie Hamilton 
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However, her luck is about to change. Enter Rhett Butlerthe good looking stranger that is seen admiring Scarlett. At this point, Scarlett pays no mind to Mr. Butler and continues to feign over Ashley.

(Photo courtesy of: screenWeek)

With the tide turning in the war, Scarlett is soon to discover that her true love is someone she never expected but was right in front of her the whole time. With the death of her husband Charles Hamilton and the difficult birth of Ashley and Melanie’s baby, Scarlett returns to her family home with Melanie and the baby only to find that her family has deserted her.

Her mother had recently died of typhoid fever and her father was losing his mind under the pressure. Scarlett decides that she will do what needs to be done in order to save her family and her home.

In her attempt to solve the problems of her family she goes to Rhett in Atlanta to ask for help, however, he has no money and has landed himself in jail. Scarlett returns to her plantation broken and almost out of options. About this time however she meets her sister’s fiancĂ©, Frank Kennedy. Scarlett informs Mr. Kennedy that her sister has waited too long from him to marry her and moved on to another man. Scarlett then marries Frank and uses his money to pay for her family’s home. 

(Photo courtesy of: Seattle True Foodies)

Up to this point, the movie is filled with drama and heartbreak; mostly, unfortunately, on the part of Scarlett. She has lost a husband, married simply for money and still hasn’t admitted that her one love is right in front of her. But, that will soon change and Mr. Rhett Butler will finally win the heart of Ms. Scarlett O’Hara.

After the death of Frank Kennedy, Rhett proposes marriage to Scarlett and they later have a daughter named Bonnie Blue. When Scarlett informs Rhett that she wants no more children and still has feeling for Ashley, Rhett turns violent. He forces Scarlett on the bed, violently kisses her and they have sex. 

The next morning though, Rhett feels remorseful of what he has done and tells Scarlett he will leave. Scarlett refuses to let him go and says that divorce is not an option. Still disgraced however, Rhett leaves for a trip to London, but upon his return he discovers that Scarlett is again pregnant. The pregnancy ends in a miscarriage though because Scarlett falls down a flight of stairs.

But this is not the last tragedy the Butler family is going to face. While recovering from her fall Scarlett and Rhett learn that their daughter Bonnie has died while trying to jump her horse over a fence.

"Mammy"  (Photo courtesy of: eurweb)

"Scarlett and her Sisters" ( Photo courtesy of: [fox411] )

Many people who have never watched this movie may say “It’s just another sappy love story”; “It will have a happy ending.” They couldn’t be more wrong.

Before she dies, Melanie asks Scarlett to please look after Ashley. As Scarlett is fulfilling the request of her dying sister-in-law but makes one final attempt to woo Ashley, Rhett becomes so outraged that he prepares to leave for good.

Scarlett runs to him and tries one last time to beg him to stay. Admitting that Ashley had never loved her and that Rhett was the only one for her. Unfortunately, Rhett no longer wants to hear what Scarlett has to say and the movie ends with him walking out into the morning fog and Scarlett sitting on the staircase crying.

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