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Part 5: "Fashion throught the Decades" ~~ 1960's

Hey folks, we are rolling into the 1960’s so bust out your best Woodstock worthy Flower Powery outfit you can find.

(Photo courtesy of: College Fashion)

But we also saw what President Lyndon B Johnson referred to as “The Great Society”, The assassination of President John F Kennedy, The Vietnam War, and the fight for Civil Rights.
In the time of love, peace, and great music our fashion was highly influenced by the lovely ladies, like Jacqueline “Jackie O” Kennedy Onassis. The era also brought us Go-Go Dancers and the introduction of Psychedelic Rock

While all this information influenced the era, it is not what we are here to talk about. After all, this is a FASHION post, so gosh darn it, let’s talk about fashion. Let’s start with the lovely ladies….

This was the time when tie-dye and mini skirtsWomen’s hemlines moved to more provocative lengths and they added go-go boots.

(Photos courtesy of: TheFiftiesWeb, Retrowaste, & radioFM)

Women’s suits more fitted and were often made using pastel colored fabrics and were commonly paired with Pillbox hatsThe 60’s also brought us the shift dress, over sized sunglasses and the addition to pearls, for those who wanted to add a kick to their outfit. Some of the biggest inspirations for these particular outfit ideas came from three amazing women of the era. The first one was the supermodel Twiggysecond was Audrey Hepburnand last but not least, Brigitte Bardot.

(Photo courtesy of: Vaboomer)

Now let’s talk about women’s swimwear of the 1960’s. The suits of the era were definitely the first ones that went through drastic changes from the suits of the previous years. Women felt that it was time for suits to be less modest and wanted to show some skin when laying out on the beach or swimming. Enter the bikini….. it was cute, playful and showed the right amount of skin to completely cross modesty off the fashion list.

(Photo courtesy of: DustFactory)

Footwear also went through changes. The biggest difference of course was the introduction of the knee high boot. These were generally made of either leather or shiny plastic. Women also had slip on shoes with clunkier heels. For men, we saw the introduction of lace-ups or loafers and a boot known as the Chelsea boot, made famous by The Beatles.

(Photos courtesy of: Everything Ella & AskYourFeet)

Speaking of men, their fashion also went through changes. We saw more refined looks, bordering even on the side of elegant. Thanks to the infamous British Invasion of the time period, men’s suits reflected the U.K.’s styles; suits were tailored and in general worn with narrowed pants.

(Photo courtesy of: VintagetoVogue)

As the decade progressed so did men’s clothing. In the mid-60’s men found themselves in more casual clothing, generally composed of turtlenecks and bell bottom pants.

(Photo courtesy of: 3D Pictures)

There we are….. We have arrived at the end of our fashion adventure for the 1960’s. From here our journey will take us to the 1970’s.

Stay tuned for upcoming adventures!!! Catch Ya Later!!! 




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