Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Feisty Felines

The Purrfect Plateau is a beautiful and serene place to live. It lays smack dab in the middle of the Wild Woods and is home to two purrfectly playful cats, Patches and Lulu.

(Photos courtesy of: Drawing Now & Zazzle)

Patches, your typical Calico house cat, and Lulu, a cheetah, are the best of friends. They love to hunt, pounce, sleep, and go on grand adventures.

Their grand adventure on this particular day is to teach Patches how to swim. But, he is a little apprehensive about this whole idea. Even still, he allows Lulu to convince him to give it a try and the two friends head towards the beach at the Glittering Grotto.

They arrive and take a few minutes to admire the peace and beauty of their surroundings and enjoy being away from the Plateau. 

( Photo courtesy of: Alyssa V. Nature)

However, the longer Patches sits around the more nervous he becomes. 

"Lulu, I'm not so sure about this." 
he says

"Nonsense, you will be fine. Besides, its super easy, all you have to do is jump in."
Lulu responds.

With that she takes a running start down the beach and does a huge cannon ball into the water. A few seconds later her head pops back out of the water.

"See, totally simple."
she says with a laugh

Still feeling apprehensive, Patches decides the only way to overcome his fear is to face it head on, literally.

"What's the worst that could happen? I jump in and float right back up to the surface."
he says to himself

So, he climbs up the closest rock and prepares to jump.....

(Photo courtesy of: Justyna Lekki Google+)

"Alright Lulu, I'm ready."

"OK, on three. 1...2...3...GO!"
Lulu yells

Patches jumps and for one blissful minute he feels a rush of adrenaline as he soars towards the water. Then he breaks the surface and the coolness of the water engulfs him as he falls, weightless. 

In the next moment he begins to push himself to the surface. He looks up, sees the light shimmering off the surface and the fish swimming by. 

Unfortunately, he does not see is the huge wave racing towards him and the rocky beach it will push him into when it hits. He also does not notice Lulu screaming at him to get out of the water.

"Patches, get out of the water!" 
she screams as he appears on the surface

"Hurry, hurry get out!"
she yells again, this time waving her arms frantically

(Photo courtesy of: Imgarcade)

Patches notices Lulu on the beach flailing her arms and smiles, he thinks she is just excited and is cheering him on. He waves back, clearly unaware of what is coming up behind him

BAM!!! The first wave hits Patches and pushes him back under the water. He gets scared but manages to push himself back to the surface. Immediately he gets hit with another wave, This one pushes him into a large rock, he hits his head and begins to sink.

Lulu watches from the beach and panics when she see him begin to sink. She take off running towards the rocks. 

"Patches, Patches!!! Can you hear me? PATCHES!"
she screams

She jumps into the water and grabs ahold of him, pulling him to the surface and back onto the beach. 

"Patches, wake up."

Lulu just sits, not sure what to do. Finally Patches coughs and spits out a mouth full of water.

"What happened? I don't remember anything."
he asks hoarsely.

Lulu grabs him and give him the biggest hug ever

"You were knocked out from a huge wave. It pushed you into a rock and you hit your head."
she tells him

Shocked by what Lulu just told him, Patches pushes himself up 

"Thank you for saving me."

He grabs her and gives her a hug back

"I'm never going swimming again."

With that, Lulu helps Patches up and they head back to the Purrfect Plateau

(Photo courtesy of: DragoArt)

"OK, no more swimming. But tomorrow we are trying sky diving!"
Lulu says to her best friend

Patches shakes his head but looks at Lulu with a huge smile and responds with a simple
"We will see."


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