Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Adventures of Zigzag and Camille: "The Bean Bag Battle"

Up to this point Zigzag and Camille's stories have taken us to all different parts of the Wild Woods. For this story however, we are staying put right here in the Woods. 

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Zigzag, Camille and a group of their friends are going to partake in the annual Bean Bag Battle. This years battle will take place on a fantastically beautiful day and will finish with a good ol' picnic once the battle is over. 

Joining Zigzag and Camille this year are: Po, Tigger, Ivy and Fat Eeyore (a.k.a Fat-E). The rules of the game are similar to that of the game of Dodge ball. The group will break into two teams of three and each player starts with one bean bag. 

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Once the clock starts the teams will throw their bag at the opposing team and try to eliminate the other players. If a player on the other team catches the bean bag then they can bring back one of their eliminated team members. This continues until one team is completely eliminated.

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"Gather around everyone. We are going to start by selecting team captains." 
Zigzag announces.

Zigzag pulls out a handful of straws. Two of the straws are longer than the rest and the two who draw them are the captains. It is determined that the captains will be Ivy and Fat-E. Now, Camille flips a coin and Fat-E gets to choose her team first.

"Hmm, I will start with Camille."
Fat-E says

"I will go with Po." 
Ivy announces.

"OK, then I get Tigger."
Fat-E replies

"Alright, Zigzag is the best bean bag battler anyway."
Ivy says with a sly snicker.

So, the teams are as follows:
Team One includes:
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Team Two includes:
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With the teams chosen, the friends head to the field. Camille hits the clock and the battle begins. 20 minutes later the clock stops and the first match is over, the winning team is Team Ivy.
"Woo hoo, we won!"
Po shouts

"We rule!"
Zigzag adds

"OK team, gather round. We still have on more match."
Ivy says

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The three friends gather into a huddle to talk strategy.

"OK, OK, in the next round we a to go for Fat-E first."
Ivy says

Po asks

"Well, he is the best player on their team. If he is eliminated then we have a better chance of winning the second round too."
Ivy answers

They finish their strategy and break to grab a drink of water. Meanwhile....... Fat-E gathers his team.
"So, whats our plan?"
Fat-E asks

"I think we should take out Zigzag or Po first because they are the best players. What do you think Tigger?"
Camille adds

"Well, I definitely agree with getting Zigzag out. After that we can totally win."
Tigger says

They too finish their strategy and break for some water before the next round. The teams hit the field for the second match. Armed with their specific goals Camille starts the clock and the second match begins.

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Ivy takes her bean bag and throws it at Fat-E. It hits his arm and he is out. However, the next bag to fly hit Ivy on her leg and she has to leave the field.

From the side lines Ivy yells to Po

"Go for Camille!"

Po throws his bean bag and Camille moves, the bag misses and falls to the ground. 

"Dang it." 
Po says

"That's alright." 
Ivy says

Po spins around, catches a bean bag heading right for his head. Ivy sprints back onto the field, picks up a bag and tosses it a Tigger.

Tigger bounces out of the way and the bag misses. He aims for Zigzag. The bag makes contact and Zigzag is out.

"Ivy, DUCK!!" 
Po yells

Ivy gets back up and tosses another bag, she throws it and takes out Camille. Ivy picks up a second bag and takes out Tigger. The playing field now stands two against one. From the sidelines we hear the eliminated players cheering wildly.

The clock is ticking down. 15 seconds remain, Fat-E has a bag in his hand......

"I have to get one more person out."
he says to himself

He throws a bag and it hits Ivy.....

he says in excitement

5 seconds remain on the clock and its down to Fat-E and Po.....

"GO, GO!"
Camille and Tigger yell in unison

"We've got this!!"
Ivy and Zigzag shout

It's the final seconds, Fat-E throws his bag, it flies through the air. Po spins to move out of the way but is too slow and the bag hits his leg, he's out.

"Woot Woot!"
Fat-E yells

That's it, both matches are over and each team won one each. Exhausted, the friends return to the picnic table.

"That was so much fun. We all played so well today."
Ivy says

"I agree! I can't wait to do this again next year."
Tigger adds

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All six friends their fun filled day sitting around enjoying delicious food and each other's excellent company.


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