Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dining Room with Dishes and Flatware

Last week I brought you a super romantic and peaceful design idea for a master bedroom. 

This week, I feel like moving to the dining room. This post will give you great ideas for everything from the rug on the floor to the Wine Glasses for the after dinner cocktail.

(Collage courtesy of: thelovelylifeofaubrie @ Polyvore)

Let's start this room off with the centerpiece, the dining table.
I chose the:

Then of course we need some fantastic chairs. I didn't want to pick something that was super matchy matchy with the table, and besides, I'm a tad bit eclectic. So, I went with:

(Please note: you need at least 4 chairs for this table)

Next, let's place a sleek rug under the table to protect the floor from crumbs. I went with something that accentuated the color of the chairs.....

OK, we have the floor, table and chairs covered. Now let's move on to the food delivery systems, beginning with the plates. For this collection it chose.....

as far a flatware / utensils for this dining set I chose....

Now, for the drink ware. Like I mentioned before I am a tad eccentric so I chose so cool, funky glasses.....

Well, that's that. I know a lot of this collection does not really seem to go together but that is not the point. The point is that all of these items are super cool and would work well either as a cohesive room or as individual pieces in others. 

Whatever your choice, I hope you have fun decorating!!!

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