Thursday, November 27, 2014

Jaime's DIY Greeting Cards ~~ Part 2

Written by Aubrie B. as told by Jaime B.

As promised, the continuation of the DIY Greeting card post from last week.

This post will continue with steps 7 through 10. At the end, you will have a completely customized greeting card and it will have been totally fun to make. So, let's get started......

Step 7:  Once you have snipped the art you want to use, now is the time to attach those same snippets to your card.  I like using the Double Sided Adhesive Roller, but the Dots are also an option (it just gets tedious putting one dot at a time on the items you want to glue down)

Step 8:  Decide which snippet goes where and glue them down

Step 9:  Put the finishing touches on the card (that is, add some message on the card and/or additional art snippets)

INSIDE TOP (I decided to add this piece of art because it just seemed to go with the message of the card)

Step 10:  Review your work.  This is the time when I decide whether I want to add more to the card or not.

I do not always have a clear idea in mind as to what occasion I am making the card for, most times I make birthday cards for those I cherish.  This card actually ended up being a ‘pick me up’ for myself.  The card starts off a bit grim, likening my current situation to being ‘stranded in Hell’.  The next scene talks about how there are times I feel like running away, only to somehow find a way out of the rut I am in (3rd scene).  The last part of the card (Outside Rear) relates how I found myself again and manage to go on.

All of my cards tell a story; this one tells a story of hope.

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