Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fun Thanksgiving Ideas from Etsy

Gobble, gobble, gobble..... The day for super yummy, tummy stuffing, football watching, nap taking is fast approaching.

So, I am going to take a few moments to share some super fun ways to spruce it up just a bit more with these great ideas from some cool Etsy artists.

(Photo courtesy of: absolootely)

Before we can stuff the tummies we need to have some thanks givers to help us out. So let's get those invitations outta here......

This invitation should definitely do the trick. Now let's start decking out the house so our guests will feel welcome and comfy.

First up, a cute pillow:

Next I share with you:

Now we move our focus to the table scape for our yummy, tummy stuffing meal.

First up: 

Next up, we focus on dishes for delivering our wonderful Gobble-day grub:

Let's start with:

Now I present items from the table scape. I found these super cool and really beautiful wine glasses....

Now for plates, I found these amazing vintage plates that would make a great addition to any table but is wonderful for a Thanksgiving table in any home....

Well, the decorations are up and the table is set. Now we have to rassle up the Poults and get them decked out in cute duds.....

First up, the newborn boys:

Now onto the cutie pie girlies.....

As if we were not having a ton of fun already, after the tummy stuffing has ended I bring to you a super fun idea to make some lasting memories, A PHOTO BOOTH!!! That's not the best part though, look what I found to make it better.....

Now the day comes to and end, your guests gather up for warm goodbyes and thanks for a day filled with fun. As a good host you have one last surprise, a treat for the road....

Well, that's that. Another successful year of tummy stuffing has come to an end. Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday.


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