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The Adventures of Zigzag and Camille: "Graduation Day"

Today is a very special day in the Enchanted Kingdom and the Wild Woods. It's Graduation Day!!! This is the time of year when all of the up and coming Heir's and Heiress's graduate from Prince and Princess school.

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Preparations are underway at the castle in the Enchanted Kingdom. Today's graduate's include:

     Lightning, heir to the Jellybean Jungle
     Rudy, heir to Honey Pot Hollow
     Oliver, heir to the Murky Marsh

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     Celeste, heiress to the Glittering Grotto
     Molly, heiress to the Purrfect Plateau
     Ruby, heiress to the Enchanted Kingdom

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The food for the party will be arriving fresh from the farm in a part of the Wild Woods known as the Jellybean Jungle. This is where His Royal Highness Lightning and his cousin Penelope are from.

Penelope is a farmer and her Golden Carrot Cake Jellybean crops are in high demand from the Wild Woods to the Enchanted Castle. Penelope has been working very closely with Zigzag and Camille to make sure the newest harvest is packed and ready to be taken to the party.

Back at the castle in the Enchanted Kingdom.....

Ruby and the other girls are picking out dresses for the big day. 

" Celeste, I love the green dress on you. It makes your eyes super bright."
Ruby says

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"Thanks Ruby, should I wear the gold or silver tiara?"
Celeste asks

"I think you should go with the silver one, along with the silver shoes."
Molly replies

Meanwhile, in the room next door Rudy, Oliver, and Lightning are also getting ready for the graduation festivities. 

"Rudy, are you ready for this?"
Oliver asks

"Yep, I'm so excited and can't wait. My parents are so happy for me."
Rudy replies

Oliver notices Lightning sitting quietly.

"What's up Lightning?"
Oliver asks

"I don't want to go through with this. I am not fit to be a king."
Lightning says

"What are you talking about? You will be a just and true leader."
Rudy says

"Maybe, but the truth is, I want a simple life. My cousin Penelope has a farm back in the Jellybean Jungle. Once she comes to deliver the food for the party I plan on traveling back to the Wild Woods with her."
Lightning replies

Rudy and Oliver look at other, completely speechless. Back in Jellybean Jungle....

"Zigzag and Camille, I need you to make extra room in the wagon."
Penelope says

Camille asks

"Because, we will have an extra passenger on the way home."
Penelope answers

With that, the three friends begin loading the cart with newly harvested Golden Carrot Cake jellybeans and other delicious party foods. Then they set off for the Enchanted Kingdom.

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They arrive at the castle in time to set up the food and high tail it to the ballroom for the ceremony.

"Lords and Ladies, please take your seats. We welcome you to the Enchanted Kingdom for this joyous day. My name is George and I will be your host for the evening."
George says, into the microphone

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*cheers from the audience*

"In just a few minutes I will be introducing or newest group of Princes and Princesses."
George announces

*clapping from the crowd*

Meanwhile, backstage....

"Oh my gosh, I'm so nervous. How do I look?"
Molly asks

"You look fantastic. I think the yellow dress was a perfect choice."
Celeste tells her

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"Girls, girls....Have any of you seen Lightning?"
Oliver asks, out of breath from running 

"Calm down Oliver. No we have not seen him. What's wrong?"
Ruby asks

"Well, earlier he was talking about leaving to live with his cousin Penelope on her farm. Now we cannot find him."
Oliver says

"OK, well, he has to be here somewhere."
Ruby replies

The girls and Oliver began searching everywhere backstage.

Lightning, however, has already snuck away from his classmates and joined Penelope, Zigzag and Camille in the crowd of guests.

"Lightning, you shouldn't be here. You at least need to go through with the ceremony before you sneak out."
Penelope says

"Won't your parents be upset in you are not on stage?" 
Camille asks

"No, they died a long time ago. I live here in the castle with Ruby and her family."
Lightning replies 

From the stage....

"First up we have the ladies.... Princess Ruby, from the Enchanted Kingdom, Princess Celeste from the Glittering Grotto and of course, Princess Molly from the Purrfect Plateau."
George announces

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The guests cheer and clap and the three lovely Princesses walk onto the stage and take their seats. George raises his hands to quiet the crowd...

"All right ladies and gentlemen, now for our fine young men. I present, Prince Oliver from the Murky Marsh, second only to his brother Danger of course. Next we have Prince Rudy from Honey Pot Hollow and finally Prince Lightning from the Jellybean Jungle."
George turns to present Lightning

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Of course, Lightning is not on the stage and everyone looks around confused. 

"Well, it looks like one of our graduates is missing."
George says

From the back of the crowd Lightning stands up....

"I'm here."
he says

Everyone turns to look at him....

"I will not be graduating today. I have no plans to take the thrown and will be leaving with my cousin and her friends to return to the Jellybean Jungle."

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With that, Lightning and the others stand up and walk out of the ballroom. 

As they walk back to the cart and prepare to leave, Penelope turns to Lightning and says

"There is still time to change your mind."

Lightning looks at her and replies....

"Thanks you cousin for helping me and teaching me that a simple life is exactly what I wanted."

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They give each other a hug and climb on board the cart with Zigzag and Camille. As they leave the castle the four friends are happy. The ride home will be filled with stories and laughter.

The End!!!

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  1. We love your stories so much. You and Christine should make a book. Love you!