Thursday, October 23, 2014

Making a Destiny "Hunter's Mask"

Written by Aubrie B. as told By Jaime B.;

My husband is a HUGE video game fan. He even belongs to a clan, crazy!!! So, it only fits that he would want to create a Halloween costume based on one of the characters from his current favorite game which is Destiny from Bungie & Activision.

(Photo courtesy of: Dorkly)

Within a video game world one of the first steps you do is create a character. Generally this happens in one or two step, sometime three depending on the depth. For Destiny its not much different.

Here is a brief rundown of the steps:
  1. Choose you characters class.
  2. Choose their race - there are three options
  3. Characteristics - name, color, features, etc.
My husband decided to go with a Hunter for his character. From here on out we will cover the back story for why he chose the Hunter and how he came to create his own wickedly cool Hunter costume.

A while back Jaime was in a rut and decided he needed to have a creative outlet to keep him from being depressed. He decided to try his hand at making a mask for the upcoming Halloween holiday. Good for him he had tons of great gear leftover from his days in the US Air Force. Next, he decided to reference his Hunter character from the Destiny game to get his inspiration to start.

(Photos courtesy of: Destiny video game)

From Bungie's beta version of Destiny he knew that the Hunter's mask resembled a gas mask, which he just happened to have. SURPRISE!!! The next aspect of the Hunter character is it's cowl/cape. Of course, to make the proper costume you must have the proper cape. 

(Photo courtesy of: Keep Shooting)

For the Mask:
The materials used are as follows:
  • MCU-2/P Gas Mask
  • Acrylic paint
  • Acrylic spray paint
  • Duct tape
  • USB cable
  • Modeling clay
  • Black mouse pad
  • Turtle Beach headset
  • 3 small nails
  • Clear goggles (Jaime used the hard plastic kind you get at Home Depot)
  • Super glue

The gas mask pictured here is the MCU-2/P US Air Force issue from the 90's. It's what Jaime had when he was discharged. They Air Force recently updated their masks to the M50 model. 

He started this creation by prepping the mask. First he tried doing this using Black Acrylic paint but, it didn't stick to the rubber so he ended up just covering the sections with duct tape and then spray painting the tape with silver acrylic. This gave the mask a much more futuristic look.

To hide the connections at the bottom of the mask he decided to use an old black mouse pad. He cut the top to conform to the shape and then glued it to the goggles with super glue. To cover any holes he used duct tape and then coated it with the same silver spray paint.

Next, Jaime took a old, broken Turtle Beach headset and spray painted the plastic parts silver to match the rest of the mask. Then he attached it to the front of the mask where the mouth of the original mask was. Next, he added a "drinking straw" by drilling holes into the piece that he just added. This gave the mask the effect of a "mouthpiece."

He also decided to move the entire bottom mouth section up a little and connect directly to the bottom of the goggles. He did this two ways; first he applied super glue to hold it in place and then to make sure it was secure and wouldn't fall off he added a nail.

As for the cowl/cape. He had a definite idea of how he wanted it to look. It needed to be mid length and flow of the shoulders and down the back a certain way. Enter, Denise Wilcox, the most awesome seamstress ever. We went to Joann's and found some amazing silver fabric.

Thankfully the fabric did not need any additional sewing. Denise was able to drape the fabric on Jaime and the added some rope in order to tie it around his neck once they decided how to get the cowl to sit correctly.

All in all I am very proud of my husband and how hard he worked on this costume. I think it turned out AMAZING......

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  1. Great post! This is so cool, mask looks great and the cape is killer! Nicely done