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Nova Scotia: The Curse of Oak Island

Recently I was watching a show on the History Channel and saw a commercial for a show called "The Curse of Oak Island." 

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The show follows two brothers, Rick Lagina and Marty Lagina, as they discover the secrets of the Island and try to find the treasure that lies beneath.

In the Beginning

The year is 1795, Oak Island is a small island that lays just off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. It is said that three boys, in their teenager years, were hiking around and discovered a strange depression in the ground.

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It appeared to be man made, intriguing! The boys decided they wanted to find out just what was hidden below and began digging. To their surprise, they came across a very deep, man-made shaft and several interesting artifacts. But, they would never find the true treasure and the hunt would continue for over 200 years.

There have been several famous people who have taken to finding the treasure, they include: John Wayne, Errol Flynn, and Franklin D. Roosevelt

The Curse:

This is pretty basic, it is said that during the original digging of the island six men died. But, the legend of the curse continues to say that a seventh man must die before the treasure can be discovered. Hm, who knows!!! 

From Then On:

People from near and far took it upon themselves to travel to Oak Island in search of the hidden treasure. Since the "Money Pit" was discovered shortly after the end of the Piracy era there is some speculation as to what is actually hidden in the shaft.

As the years progressed treasure hunters would make it to various depths and then retreat. It is said that the shaft is boobie trapped with a flood channel. Basically, if you dig to deep you will get flooded in, YIKES!!! Maybe its a way to assure the seventh person dies. 

In 2013 two brothers from Michigan, Marty and Rick Lagina wanted their turn. They had heard about Oak Island and just like those before them where drawn to the Island to uncover the secrets. 

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For them, the game changed when they discovered a 17th century Spanish coin in a near by swap drain on Mercy Point. Of the two, Marty is the skeptic and before agreeing to go to Oak Island, he needed proof that something actually existed. 

Rick, grateful for the fact that Marty now had proof, moved forward with arrangements to continue digging on Oak Island. So, with new technology and a team from History Channel to document, the brothers have redoubled their efforts to uncover the mystery that is the "Money Pit" of Oak Island.

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Oak Island has sucked dry all who have tried to uncover it's secrets. Marty & Rick now have to face the possibility of losing their own fortune in pursuit of something that may or may not exist. Not to mention, the bloody curse Dearies. Will one of the two brothers be the 7th man to die?

To follow what happens next check your local listings for the History Channel station and the showtime for The Curse of Oak Island. 

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