Friday, November 28, 2014

Nanoblocks: The Amazing Future of Building Blocks

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I have always been a huge fan of building blocks, especially Lego's. But just recently I have fallen in awe with a new kind of Lego's straight out of Japan called Nanoblocks.

These amazing little, teeny, tiny Lego kits were originally introduced into the Japanese market in 2008 by the Kawada Co. Ltd. They eventually made their way into both the U.S. and U.K. toy markets in 2012. 

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Cool thing about Nanoblocks and the company that created them, they were given the Outstanding Performance Award in the High Target category. Also, in 2013 they followed up that win by taking the Grand Prize in the High Target category. That's really impressive for only being on the market for 2 years at that point.

In 2012 Nanoblocks also took the title in the Brand License Award at the Licensing of the Year Award.

Nanoblocks come in sets just like regular Lego sets, but are not Lego's. The fun thing about Nano's though is that their sets focus a lot on really cool buildings, places, and even military vessels. 

(Photos courtesy of: Plamoya & Nanoblock Fan Page)

Sets range from original designs created just for the company to sets that are licensed. They also have a miniature collection that includes animals, musical instruments and even holiday themed designs. The miniature collections include anywhere from 80 to 150 pieces. 

Nanoblock also has kits that focus on specific "Sights to See" around the world. These include places like: world trademarks and notable buildings. These kits pieces range from 200 to 600 bricks. 

The Nanoblock creators also wanted to make sure that every age group was covered by their super fun sets. They achieved this by creating licensed sets that include: The Adventures of Tin tin, Pokemon, Shaun the SheepHello Kitty and KeroKeroKeroppi to name a few. They even went as far as making Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea themed sets. 

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Nanoblock's very closely resemble Lego bricks, just in a significantly smaller size. The smallest brick in fact measures a mere 4mm x 4mm x 5mm. Unlike Lego blocks the bottoms are different, Nanoblock's use what is known as a dividing flange. The bricks are made of ABS plastic and there are a total of eleven different types of bricks. This includes the largest one that measures a mere 8 x 2 and the smallest being a single stud brick. 

I decided to do a Random Ramblings post about Nanoblock's because I completed my own set the other night with my husband, Jaime. While the bricks are extremely small and at time difficult to work with, the end result was so much more gratifying than just building with your average Lego's. 

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Because each kit is designed after a specific object you know there is a reason for specific blocks to go in specific spots. As the bricks come together and the layers rise of the base you watch an amazing creation come to life. 

If I had a ton of money I would head out and buy every single set I could get my hands on. So, if you want something fun and creative to do by yourself or even with your kids then get over to your local store and get your first Nanoblock's kit!!!!

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